Speed Enforcement

Speed Enforcement

Speed enforcement increase road safety

Our highly advanced systems help to significantly reduce accident numbers. Our equipment can be used at accident blackspots, busy junctions, in traffic-calmed areas such as kindergartens and old people's homes, and on hazardous road sections such as on motorways, tunnels and country roads. Specific locations or longer road sections can be monitored.

State-of-the-art laser and radar sensors

Deliver measurements you can depend on. They not only detect speeding vehicles, but also vehicles in wrong lanes, overtaking offences and illegal turns, and are able to simultaneously monitor multiple lanes in both directions. High-resolution cameras automatically document traffic violations with vehicles being clearly identifiable in the images, even in the dark or in bad weather conditions. 

The images are legally admissible and will stand up in a court.

An effective increase in traffic safety is best achieved by combining mobile, stationary and semi-stationary systems. Our mobile measuring equipment can be installed inside vehicles as well as on tripods and are quick and flexible to set up and dismantle. Re-location is then possible whenever required with measurements also possible in difficult to access areas.

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