Government & Local Agencies

Government & Local Agencies

CAMTECH INTERNATIONAL LLC is a US based Company located in Orlando Florida, and has partnered with JENOPTIK, also based out of Florida, to offer traffic cameras and law enforcement, safety, and security solutions.

Our key target markets primarily include traffic safety and security. We strive to provide advance products and services to be proactive by taking preventative measures against criminal activities such as homicide, robbery, burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, traffic, and Amber Alerts.

We are aware of the issues and losses to agencies and can help with Combating Crime and careless drivers.

Our system’s capability and quality exceed expectations and most importantly, there is no cost to any agencies. Rather, it is a revenue source by enforcing and collecting traffic violations and at the same time keeping a close eye on crime.

Our professional technicians can easily install them on traffic lights, street lighting and existing pole.

We offer a comprehensive solution and a turnkey product with NO COST or ONGOING MONTHLY FEES. This includes installation, Equipment, and replacement of equipment due to damage.

Our photo enforcement solutions such as School Zones Speed, Red Lights enforcement and the most advanced license plate reading camera help protect, prevent, and identify possible crimes. Traffic Service Provision (TSP) is tailor-made and the spectrum ranges from the operation of complete traffic law enforcement.

Please inquire to request a meeting with you or your designee to make a presentation and demonstration of the system’s capabilities.

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