Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

Industrial Surveillance

Providing aerial surveillance of industrial sites to detect any suspicious activity, flagging potential risks and helping to prevent security breaches.

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Inventory Auditing

Utilizing drone technology to conduct inventory audits of industrial sites and facilities, helping to ensure accurate inventory records and reduce the risk of theft or loss.

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Structural Inspections

Utilizing aerial drone technology to inspect and assess the structural integrity of industrial sites, plant components, and other industrial infrastructure.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems Capabilities

AI-powered drones are a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to perform various tasks. These drones are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, as well as sophisticated AI algorithms, to provide real-time insig…

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CamTech International, is excited to announce the launch of our Drone Industrial Security and Inspections Services. We specialize in providing drone services for industrial security and inspections in a variety of industries. 

Our team of experienced professionals…

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"Providing Traffic Safety"

Red-Light Camera Systems

Benefits of Traffic Cameras

Red-light cameras and speed cameras are used to monitor and enforce traffic laws at intersections and along roadways. Here are ...

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Drone Security Solutions

CamTech International offers innovative drone-based industrial security and inspection services. Our cutting-edge technology ensures maximum safety and ...

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